Call for Roundtable Proposals

Roundtable discussion proposals should pertain to cultural accessibility and social inclusion projects or cases that were initiated and have continued to gain progress in recent years.

Roundtable Exchange activities are characterized by case sharing that is concise and diverse in nature. They are similar to poster presentations but focus on sharing and introducing the highlights of practical cases. This activity will be one of the highlights of the International Conference, where participants are encouraged to learn from the practical experiences of others.

Participants will include roundtable presenters and attendees. Presenters will be invited by the organizer or selected from submitted proposals. Attendees can choose which roundtable topic area to join according to their interests.

Several sessions of roundtable discussions will be arranged during the conference period; each session lasts for an hour. A variety of topic areas will be discussed in each roundtable session, with each table dedicated to one topic area (depending on the space of the venue).

Each invited presenter should prepare presentation content of 5-6 minutes and reserve 10 minutes for discussion. In each one-hour roundtable session, each presenter will repeat the presentation three times for different groups of attendees. The presentation content may include the concept of a project, its implementation highlights, project features and outcomes. Presenters can also provide visual aids and supplementary materials, such as brochures, photos, videos, documents, and any other materials that can fit on a table of 180 cm by 75 cm and are helpful for the roundtable exchange.

Important Dates(*Subject to change according to announcement by the organizer.)

  • The online submission system will open on Sunday, September 17, 2019.
  • Submission Deadline: Sunday, September 22, 2019
  • Acceptance Notification: Thursday, October 3, 2019
  • Conference Days: November 5-6, 2019

Submission Guidelines

  1. Applicants should submit proposals for roundtable discussion in both English and Chinese. Please note that the language used for roundtable exchange will be predominantly Chinese. And please provide the following information using the online submission form before Sunday, September 22, 2019.
    1. Submission form
    2. The submission should contain a proposal presented in both English and Chinese (800-1,000 characters in Chinese and 300-600 words in English).Content of proposal: Learning objectives of the presenter’s proposed roundtable discussion (what can attendees learn from this topic, bullet points preferred), brief introduction to the content to be shared, including project concept, target users, implementation highlights, features and outcomes of the project, and visual aids to be used during presentation.
    3. 3-5 keywords in both Chinese and English.
    4. Each presenter may submit up to 8 photos (with captions) that help to illustrate the case to be shared during the discussion. The organizer will design and prepare a poster for each selected topic area. Each photo provided by the presenter should have a minimum resolution of 600dpi or a file size of at least 2MB.
  2. Roundtable Proposal Review and Selection:

    After formal review by the Conference Advisory Committee, all proposals will be sent to reviewers through a double-blind reviewing process. The list of proposals that pass review will be announced on the conference website on Thursday, October 3, 2019, and the conference program will then be drawn up.

  3. Roundtable Presentation:

    The organizer will notify presenters whose proposals have been selected so follow-up preparation can be made.

Important Information

  1. Proposals with irrelevant content, excessive word count, or are sent after the deadline will not be accepted or returned.
  2. The conference organizers and administrators are not responsible for copyright issues arising from proposal contents (figures, tables, long citations, etc.), and the author must obtain prior consent from any copyright holders. In cases of plagiarism or other infringements of third-party rights, the author shall bear sole legal responsibility, and the organizers and administrators shall not be liable.
  3. The organizer will prepare posters for roundtable presentations, but the presenters are responsible for preparing and storing the materials to be demonstrated on site.
  4. To build an information-sharing platform and promote the idea of cultural accessibility, the organizer will document the entire conference through audio, video recordings and photography. For the purpose of archiving, recording, marketing, and publishing press release, etc., applicants whose submissions are accepted are regarded as authorizing the organizer to use their portrait rights (the obtaining of portraits will not involve the applicants’ private sphere) as well as the copyrights of the documents and items they submit. The scope of use may include but is not limited to the conference handbook, website, Facebook Page, YouTube channel, etc.

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