Topic Areas

Submissions should pertain to cultural accessibility and social inclusion issues; they should belong to but are not limited to the following topic areas:

Accessibility Services and Programs:

Design and implementation of and commentary on cultural accessibility programs, assistive devices, and accessible services.

Inclusion, Outreach and Community Engagement:

Seeking meaningful and effective ways to promote equality and diversity in cultural access and participation.

Organizational Buy-Ins and Strategic Planning:

Discussing administrative management at organizations that promote cultural accessibility and inclusion.

Staff Training:

Running training courses and awareness raising for staff and volunteers on topics relating to cultural accessibility and inclusion, teaching them how to handle complaints and suggestions from members of the public.

Program Evaluation or Research:

Views on comprehensive cultural accessibility policies and implementation, comparison of policies, testing the effectiveness of implementation, and suggestions for future approaches.


Promoting technological intervention strategies for cultural accessibility and inclusion, or discussion of relevant uses of technology.

Legal Requirements:

Exploring legal and normative issues relating to cultural accessibility and diversity and inclusion.

Universal Design:

Concepts and trends relating to accessibility, universal design, case studies, and evaluation reports.